Big Changes for the Courier Industry


As more and more consumers buy online and avoid driving to a store, someone has to get the products

delivered to the customers. In the ecommerce sales industry, we call this the last critical kilometre.

This trend towards ecommerce is driving growth in the Business to Consumer (B2C) courier industry with US predictions of a massive 9% growth per annum through to 2020.

Consumers are now making the decisions on how and where they want their products delivered. We have even seen services for same day and 3 hour deliveries.

The trends include:

  • Shipping decision making moving to consumers
  • B2C outgrowing B2B
  • More frequent smaller orders
  • Managing the last kilometre is the key
  • New technology is changing the game
  • Buildings with purpose built deliver boxes including refrigerated boxes for food products

And although the idea of flying drones sounds like science fiction, Amazon are very serious about using drones to deliver their Prime Air service. Testing is taking place as we speak in areas such as Cambridge in England. These drones can travel up to 10 miles from their base and although they are currently guided by remote pilots, they will eventually be completely autonomous using “sense and avoid” technology to guide them to the customer. How the customer will then “sign” for their delivery remains to be seen.

So although it sounds like Courier drivers are going to be flat out for the foreseeable future, they better keep their eyes over their shoulder as new technology threatens to crash the party.

Already, Uber Sherpa, Zoom2u and Sendle are disrupting traditional players in the parcel distribution business. For example, Uber can deliver passengers and parcels at the same time. The massive uptake of Uber services will mean many more Uber drivers on the road with an economy of scale that will drive down prices.

Stay tuned as we track the changes in this important industry.

The massive National 4X4 Outdoors Show & Fishing Boat Expo was held at the Melbourne Showgrounds on the weekend August 19th-21st.

The huge display area at the Melbourne 4X4 Show 2016

This was a huge show that proved how many enthusiasts there are for the outdoor lifestyle.

Monster Trucks entertained the young at heart, while other events included fly fishing demonstrations, campfire cooking and plenty of 4X4 TV celebrities such as Graham and Shauno from 4WD Action videos.

Friends of ours from 360 Gearbox & Diffs also announced that they are soon to release a 6-speed manual conversion kit for most new 70 series Landcruisers. This will be a welcomed by travellers that have been grumbling about hi cruising revs when on the highway. Not sure of the details but this will be a brand new bolt-in conversion.

So if you are in Victoria this time next year, mark down the 4X4 Show in August 2017 in your diary as a must attend event.

Some great display cars at the 4X4 Show  Dobinsons displayed a large range of products along with this trick Ranger

Why Machine Head?


Well, we all know what a Petrol Head is.

So a Machine Head is someone that appreciates ALL things mechanical.

Yes, we are car nuts but we also appreciate the workmanship and design of the first steam engines or the science behind the space shuttle.

The Space Shuttle circles Earth

We also work hard but play harder. That’s why our website range will include parts for Commercial vehicles as well as parts and accessories for your weekend vehicles and 4X4.

If this sounds like you, sign up for MY ACCOUNT and take advantage of our member only deals, wish list records and a faster check-out process.

Lastly, let us know of any parts you are looking to buy and we will either look to add these to our Machine Head store or source a great price for you.

Steam must have seemed revolutionary in the 1850's

The 24 Hours of Le Mans


We are massive motorsport fans at Machine Head and this year we got to full-fill a lifelong ambition and attend the Le Mans 24 Hour race in June.

Mark Weber drives for the factory Porsche team and helped Porsche win the World Endurance Championships last year. They race the Porsche 919 Hybrid which has a 500 hp turbocharged V4 powering the back wheels and an 400hp electric motor powering the front wheels. The car features a Kinetic Energy Recovery system (KERS) and can accelerate from 0-100kph in 2.2 seconds!!

The other massive news this year was the return of Ford to Le mans to to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their historic 1, 2 and 3rd place in the 1966 race.

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